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VIII Congreso Internacional de la AE-IC, Barcelona 2022

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Media discourse of migration in Spain and Romania: two different representations of the same migrant

The purpose of this research is to determine whether the messages transmitted by the digital news in the country of destination and in the country-of-origin present in a similar way or not, the migration. The discourses on migration are most often received in an indirect way, through the facts or the versions that appear in the media in the country of destination where the arrival of the immigrant accounts for the greatest volume of news coverage and generates a large number of news items. Media production and its interpretation, by both the majority and minority groups, is essential to identifying ways of constructing the social representation of migration. The research is looking to identify the dual representation of the same subject (immigrant and emigrant) represented in each society. This work is based on a methodological approach that includes quantitative data collection from the Spanish and Romanian digital news in a determined period of time, and a qualitative analysis, which allows us to identify the messages that contribute to shaping the social perception and identity of the Romanian community. The analysis of the media discourse and its interpretation by both the majority and minority groups is necessary in order to identify the building blocks of the social representation in migration. To conclude, the media discourse of the two countries is not limited to reflecting the reality of migration, but rather constructs it through various debatable strategies used to address aspects related to immigration. Moreover, the migration phenomenon is not just an exchange of people from one place to another, it also represents a change in their social and cultural structures: customs, traditions, values, beliefs, language, and everything that represents their material and symbolic world.

Anastasia-Ioana Pop
Universitat de València


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